Monday, 7 March 2016

Productivity 4.0

It's been about 3 months since we made any announcements about the app, but it's just that we're a little undermanned at the moment, so development is going slow.

But the good news is that we've been working on it quite a bit of late, and we're done with a few things that we had planned earlier.

Most of the source code is now available on GitHub. It may not compile yet, and we're working to remove proprietary third-party components so that developers may work on it without hassle. We'll publish the link to the project once that's done.

We've focused on improving the Journal feature, and we have an exciting new feature for you! We call the feature "Events", and basically it helps you keep track of major events like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations in your life. When you're done writing your entry for the day, click on the Events button on the menu, and give your event a title. Every day in subsequent years from then, you'll be able to see that event when you click on the Event button. Clicking on an event will take you to that day's journal entry. Make sure you've saved the current entry before doing that though!

 In implementing this feature, however, we've had to change the format of the journal file. We've moved from the .journal extension, which was based on XML serialization, to .journalx, which is based on JSON serialization. It won't be any problem to you, though, as the app can still open the old .journal files for compatibility purposes. You can only save to the newer extension, however. The new format also produces a smaller file than the old one :)

Apart from this, we've changed the UI of the app in most features. This is because we've switched to open-source alternatives for design, making it easier for other devs to collaborate. It's still very user-friendly, though, perhaps even better! Here are a few screenshots of the changed UI.

We're not sure of a release date, since we have a few more features in mind. We'll let you know once we do.

Thank you for choosing Productivity!